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Administrative Alert (402): Stats, Keys, etc.

June 2, 2009

First, sorry it has taken so long to get this information up on the blog.  I had a number of commitments to the Weidenbaum Center and needed to move back to Richmond for the summer.

Here is the distribution of grades for the 402 sections: 402 Grade Distribution.

Here are the keys to both version of the final exams:
Answer Key_Final Exam_Vaughan_402_Spring 2009
Answer Key_Final Exam (Version 2)_Vaughan_402_Spring 2009

In all borderline situations, a necessary condition for getting “bumped” was a final-exam score on the right side of the cut-off.  So, for example, someone on the borderline of a B+ and an A- needed an A- or better on the final exam to get the bump.

Turns out I will be at the Cleveland Fed full-time next year (more info in a subsequent post).  But Luiggi will be around, and he has your final exams.  You can schedule an appointment to discuss.

Have a great summer!

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Administrative Alert (335-402): Email answers

May 10, 2009

Professor Vaughan is out of the country. He will reply to emails sent to him when he gets back.

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Class News (402): Final Exam Info

May 1, 2009

I just finished writing/proofing the final exam.  It includes 100 true/false questions broken out as follows:

  • 60 questions asking you to analyze the impact of “X” (increase in money supply, taxes, deficit, etc.) in one of the various models.
  • 20 general questions from Barro 12-16 and SGM (based on on the extra-credit problem set).
  • 20 questions over Friedman and Schwartz, chapters 11-13

Class News (402): PS Answer Key

May 1, 2009

A new, complete version of the answer key to the extra credit problem set is now in the 402 Exam Locker.  It includes answers to the SGM questions.  I also edited the answers to the Barro questions.

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Further Study (335/402): Barro vs. Krugman

April 30, 2009

In case you want to revisit the Barro vs. Krugman debate as a study break, here is a debate between them on the Charlie Rose show.  It is old — 2004 — but they cover the same issues — growth vs. fairness, etc.   The clip is about 20 minutes long: Krugman vs. Barro.

HT to Kiro Yovkov.

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Class News (402): Problem-Set Answers

April 29, 2009

Answers to the first 6 questions on the extra-credit problem set (Barro questions) are now in the 402 Exam Locker.  Answers to SGM questions will be posted tomorrow.  Note: The answer key includes additional study notes that will be useful in final-exam prep.

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Class News (402): FAQs

April 29, 2009

I have written answers to several questions on the problem set that repeatedly showed up in my inbox.  I added the sticky-price (menu cost) analysis from yesterday to this list of questions/answers.  You can find these FAQs in the 402 Exam Locker.

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Class News (402): Study Tips

April 28, 2009

I will not post study tips for the final exam.  All you need is the extra-credit problem set and F&S questions over chapters 11-13.

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Class Notes (402): NK Model and Prices

April 28, 2009

I have received a number of emails from students confused because I said in class the New Keynesian model predicted a procyclical price level while Barro said it predicted a countercyclical price level.  You may stick with my explanation — which was intended to simplify things.   For a deeper understanding of the difference (as well as a more detailed discussion of my version), click here: sticky-price-model-and-the-price-level see the FAQs in the 402 Exam Locker.

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Class News (402): Barro Slides Available

April 28, 2009

Slides for Barro chapters 12-16 are now in the 402 Exam Locker.  (Note: These are just the slides that came with the book.  I don’t think they anything to the book, but I have had several requests for them.)

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