Administrative Alert (402): Stats, Keys, etc.

First, sorry it has taken so long to get this information up on the blog.  I had a number of commitments to the Weidenbaum Center and needed to move back to Richmond for the summer.

Here is the distribution of grades for the 402 sections: 402 Grade Distribution.

Here are the keys to both version of the final exams:
Answer Key_Final Exam_Vaughan_402_Spring 2009
Answer Key_Final Exam (Version 2)_Vaughan_402_Spring 2009

In all borderline situations, a necessary condition for getting “bumped” was a final-exam score on the right side of the cut-off.  So, for example, someone on the borderline of a B+ and an A- needed an A- or better on the final exam to get the bump.

Turns out I will be at the Cleveland Fed full-time next year (more info in a subsequent post).  But Luiggi will be around, and he has your final exams.  You can schedule an appointment to discuss.

Have a great summer!

Posted at 1:00 pm EDT


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