Class News (335): Error on Quiz #10

The key to quiz #10 contained an error.  Question #6 was:

According to F&S, the most distinctive feature of the postwar (1948-1960) period was a sharply rising trend in velocity.  Correct answer: True

The key says false — clearly a mistake (see page 639).  Indeed, the whole point of the chapter was attempting to explain why the secular trend from 1869 to 1960 (taken as a whole) was a decline averaging 1% per year — yet velocity rose from 1948 to 1960.

I will give everyone who took the quiz credit for the question (irrespective of his answer), so the maximum score is now 9/8 (113%).

Sorry for inconvenience/anguish caused.  HT to Marcus Walton for pointing out the error.


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