Class News (402): End-of-Term Info

I wanted to post what I said in class about extra credits, the final exam, office hours, etc.

Final Exams
Section 1:  Monday, 5/4, 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM (in classroom)
Section 2:  Friday, 5/1, 6:00 – 8:00 PM  (in classroom)

Material Covered
Barro, Chapters 12-16 (2/3rds of exam)
Friedman & Schwartz, Chapters 11-13 (1/3rd of exam)

Objective (problem set/F&S study questions  serve as “study tips”)

Office Hours

  • Thursday, 4/23, 1 to 5 pm
  • Friday, 4/24, 9 am to noon, 1 to 5 pm
  • On-line (to answer reply to emails sent to both Bank and WU addresses) – Tuesday, 4/28, 1-5 pm and Thursday, 4/30, 1-5 pm

Extra Credits

  • Exam II corrections:  Due at final exam (hard copy), mandatory for those missing the exam,  satisfactory job earns a 100% quiz grade and curves of grades below 70 to 70.
  • Extra-credit problem set:  Solow Growth Model and Barro, chapters 12-16.   Note: To trim your workload, I created a problem set over both topics that is 25% less work than two.
    Here it is: 402-extra-credit_-barro-sgm_spring-2009.
  • Problem set due by 5 pm Wednesday, 4/29 (turned in to Luiggi, specifics to follow), graded Unsatisfactory/Satisfactory/Excellent, U = no credit, S = two 100% quizzes, E = four, 100% quizzes, answers posted Wednesday, 4/29, after 5 pm.

You may not take the final with the other section unless cleared to do so.  If you miss the Friday exam, you may take it Monday – if prepared to document your emergency.

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